Introducing the Wood Case Mity Master Set Limited Edition - 1 of 20!

About Wood Case Mity Master Sets

This is a limited run of the Wood Case Mity Master set. We will never make wood cases exactly like this again; any future cases will be different.

Click here to view the set!

  • Precision milled from gorgeous soft maple right here in CT

  • Hand finished

  • 9” long, 5” wide, 2” high

  • Exterior & interior coated with Safecoat natural organic clear penetrating wood oil

    • If your case gets nicked or scuffed, you can lightly sand it with 500+ grit sandpaper and apply clear wood oil
  • Interior will get burnished over time

  • Chapman logo laser engraved on lid

  • Steel pins hold both spinners
  • Brass hardware (imported unfortunately!)**

  • Packaged in a velvet drawstring pouch (imported unfortunately)**
  • Special edition bit diagram with lot number (1 of 20, 2 of 20, etc)

  • **We are planning to source all USA made materials in future lots


You can order custom wood cases! They're great for promos and we can brand/private label them in small or large lots. They also make great gifts for friends, family and employees.

Size, interior layout and engraving options are virtually endless. We can make everything from a pocket sized case for 4 bits and a ratchet to an extra large case that holds 75+ parts. We can engrave your logo, and we can run lots as small as 5 cases. The advantage of wood is that unlike plastic, customization doesn’t require purchasing an expensive mold or die. Please contact for customization options.

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