New Electrostatic Discharge Safe Tools!

Our new ESD safe tools feature a 24 bit case blow molded from ESD safe plastic. The screwdriver handle is ESD safe as well, and both the case and handle measure in the conductive range. They contain the same famous steel Midget Ratchet, Extension and assortment of bits as the rest of our sets which are 100% metal and ESD safe. For more information or custom sets, please e-mail

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6810 SAE + Star/Torx Screwdriver Set $69.75

4320 SAE Allen Hex Screwdriver Set $57.00

7331 SAE + Metric Allen Hex Screwdriver Set $62.00

7341 SAE Allen Hex + Bristol 6 Flute Screwdriver Set $69.00

9600 Starter Slotted Screwdriver Set $57.00

8900 SAE Allen Hex +Slotted Screwdriver Set $63.00

2011 Metric Hex + Star/Torx Screwdriver Set $68.00