Industrial & Machine Sets

  • Master Set #5575
  • Deluxe SAE & MM Hex #5573
  • SAE & MM Hex #7331
  • All Purpose #1316

Our Master Set 5575 is the top dog of all the Chapman sets, it has the most amount of bits for the user who never know's what they're going to be fixing next! This set includes the following bits:

Phillips screwdriver bits

Slotted screwdriver bits

Star screwdriver bits (for Torx screws, like a Torx bit set)

SAE Allen hex bits /standard allen hex bits

MM hex bits/metric hex bits

Socket adapter

Robertson square head bits/square screwdriver bits

#5573 SAE & MM hex screwdriver set has SAE hex bits and metric hex bits stored in removeable bit racks, as well as a spinner and 2 extensions 3 5/8" extension and short 2" extension for ultimate in versatility.

Customer Reviews

Well made and good buy. Pay a little more and move up a lot in quality. They also offer other bits you may need. Case has room for additional bits. - Jackie

What can I say? After fiddling around with a big-name brand import "gunsmith screwdriver" set, I got tired of twisted & broken bits and blades and bought this. I wish I had bought this from the beginning. -Matt

Excellent set of ratchet screwdrivers IF you know what to use it for. Remember, you want the right tool for the job. If you read the product description Chapman screwdrivers are primarily designed or intended for gun smithing, DENTAL work, LAB work. So what this is telling you? This set of bits is not heavy duty, but rather light, detailed, precise work being gun smithing, or otherwise. If you try to remove a stubborn screw or really tight one to the max torque possible, this set is NOT for you. You would be better off getting a screwdriver set from HD or Lws. This set is for light gunsmithing jobs. The good thing is, if you break a bit you can buy a replacement, instead of trying to replace a rare, unique screw in your gun collection. So, if you don't want to get disappointed be aware of the limitations of this tool. The set comes in a nice handsome case, the bits are organized, the ratchet is fantastic. There is also a little "wheel" if you will, to apply gentle pressure. So you can apply pressure using only your fingers, the little "wheel" the handle, the screwdriver handle or the ratchet. All in all, it is a good set if you know what kind of jobs you can use it for. - Jose

#7331 screwdriver set has SAE hex bits and metric hex bits for use on American and European/Asian machines and equipment with metric hex screws. It is much more versatile than a set of SAE and metric hex allen keys!

Also available in Desert Tan!

Customer Reviews

So I would give these 10 stars if I could. This is the best and most thoughtfully designed screwdriver set I've ever encountered...These drivers exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways some big and some little but all meaningful.
1) Case. The case is not the typical 1 piece blow molded garbage. It is blow molded but it is of much heavier grade plastic and wait for it... has an actual hinge. Yup manufactured of 2 actual pieces and actually assembled... needless to say it feels better is more durable and just nicer than the usual fair.
2) Bit shape. These are hollow ground. I now they aren't the only hollow ground bits out there, they aren't even the only hollow ground bits I own. But they are well machined and importantly come with a data card indicating the maximum intended working torque for each bit. These torques are calibrated to the intended working torque of fastener that correspond to the bits. Useful information particularly if you are a machinist or gunsmith and actual screw torque matters.
3) Versatility. The set comes with like 8 different ways that you can use was bit depending again on how much room you have and how much torque you need to bring to bear. The lowest is using the actual machined knurling on the back of every bits (great for toys and certain finishing screws) and you work up from there to the fingertip holder all the way out to the 3" bit ratchet. Again thoughtful giving the user 1) the ability to get into tight spaces and 2) the ability to use the bits in a way that won't strip the head or tear out the substrait or otherwise get to a counter productive place. If you're are debating. I hope this helps. They are a great value and a great set of tools. - JMA

You absolutely need hollow ground screws if you own firearms. Just because a flat head driver fits into your grip screws, doesn't mean it'll work without damaging the screw. I learned the hard way. I have a few screws that are stripped because I used tapered screw drivers that you find everywhere. After some searching I found this set of Chapman screws and boy is this kit great. It may seem pricey, but it's made in the USA and from the moment I opened my set, I could tell it was made with pride. If you're thinking about this set, just get it, you won't regret your decision. - PC

I've had this for over a year now and have been very happy with it- and then I sheared off a bit. Called the folks at Chapman and chatted with a great customer rep- she informed me that the bit was not covered under warranty (I really did not think so, but had to ask) and that was really not that big a deal- the replacement tips are reasonable to buy. The bonus was when she told me that I could order in extra bits without paying more shipping- heck- you're going to send an envelope, might as well fill it as full as postage will allow. So I not only got the replacement bit, but some of the sizes that were skipped in the set. I've yet to damage a screw with this set, the hollow ground shape holds well, and sheared off (as designed) with too much torque. - Bob

Fun fact: we've been making our #1316 screwdriver kit as far back as 1953. We have purchase order for the Nautilus Submarine (first Nuclear Powered Sub) to prove it!

It's the perfect set to slip into your pocket or tool belt to use anywhere in your shop!

Every machine needs a Chapman kit! 

Machinists worldwide know that whether you're working on a verticle mill, screw machine, or progessive die, most machines and tooling are not designed to be easily serviced. Here at the Chapman factory in Durham, CT, we have a wide variety of machines from a 30 year old Minster Press to state of the art CNC lathes. Each and every machine in our shop has its own Chapman set, and the reason is we wouldn't be able to access many of the nessecary fasteners to change tools and make adjustments without our famous midget offset ratchet and screwdriver bits. Please read below for more information!

Chapman Bits Vs. Other Bits

Chapman screwdriver bits are precision milled

It's a horrible feeling when you beat up a screw while tightening it with a poorly made screwdriver, and you know that screw is going to be difficult or impossible to remove without stripping it. Chapman bits are precision milled from US steel to tight tolerances, unlike many import bits which are made from compressed metal. Our SAE and MM metric hex bits have sharp corners and dead flat ends to bottom out in the screw and apply full torque to the screw edges and sides. Our slotted bits are gunsmith style hollow ground bits that fit the slot completely (unlike a typical tapered slotted screwdriver) and apply torque to the sides of the screw without marring it or camming out. We manufacture star/torx bits, star/torx bit sets and anti theft torx as well as many other types of bits to fit the screws on newer machines. All of our tools are non-magnetic for use near electronics. More information on our bits

Chapman MFG Screwdriver bits vs. other screwdriver bits

  • Chapman bits are precision milled to tight tolerances with flat edges, sharp corners and no burrs for snug screw fit  
  • All bits are machined from USA steel and heat treated with a black oxide rust inhibitor finish
  • Each bit has ear/or ring stops with ball detent to hold the bit securely in our famous midget ratchet, screwdriver handle or spinner
  • Bits have knurled ends for finger tightening and are stamped with the part #
  • Chapman bits are non-magnetic for use on electronics and PC boards

Famous Offset Midget Ratchet - Reaches screws hex keys cannot!

Chapman mini ratchet reaches screws in tight spots

Our famous offset midget ratchet is the heart of every Chapman set and provides to key benefits for machinists; it can reach fasteners that cannot be reached with a regular screwdriver, stubby screwdriver etc. and once you reach the fastener, you can ratchet in place unlike a hex key where you're stuck removing it and re-inserting it into the fastener with each turn. Also, our midget ratchet is less than 4" long, has an 18 degree working arc, and provides up to 200" lbs of torque (approx. 4 times the torque available from a large screwdriver) in a tiny space. Those specs are important when you're trying to remove a stubbon screw that doesn't want to budge or to firmly snug screws on a toolholder so you know that tool isn't going to loosen up before wearing out. More information about our mini ratchet

Chapman mini ratchets for color coded quick change tooling and assembly

Do you find yourself reaching for the same couple of screwdrivers or hex keys? Here at the Chapman factory, some of our machines use 3 different sized screws to change the fastest wearing tools. We developed a color coded system of 3 different colored ratchets each with a different bit for a grab and go system. It saves us time changing tools because we're not fiddling around our work benches looking for the right sized tool.

Also, many of our customers use our ratchets for color coded quick assembly for lean manufacturing processes. Some lock our screwdriver bits into the color coded midget ratchets with a snap ring so they only drive in.

We sell a 4 pack of famous midget ratchets in different colors for and 2 different colors of dipped ratchets.

Chapman Screwdriver Kit Versatility

Chapman Kits provide more versatility than hex keys, regular screwdrivers, stubby screwdrivers or socket bits!

Chapman screwdriver kits pack a ton of versatility in a very small case. All of our tools are fully interchangeable with each other.

Screwdriver bits have knurled (textured) ends to use for hand tightening

Spinner works with a bit to give you a little more finger grip or with an extension in a really tight spot

Famous mini offset ratchet works with a screwdriver bit or a screwdriver bit and either/both of our two available screwdriver extensions 

Screwdriver handle can be used with a bit as a stubby screwdriver or with either/both of our two available screwdriver extensions 

Buy a Chapman Screwdriver Set, Support USA Manufacturing

Chapman MFG American made and assembled screwdriver kits

Chapman Manufacturing has been making precision screwdriver sets in Durham, CT since 1936. In over 80+ years of quality manufacturing, we have moved around the corner from the two car garage where our inventor, John Chapman, developed the first screwdriver kits during the Great Depression. Short history of our American made screwdrivers

Though we've added many more bits since the 30's, our commitment to American manufacturing and high quality tools has never wavered. Buying our interchangeable screwdriver bit sets not only supports us, but it also supports all of the American secondary industries and suppliers whom we purchase from and rely on. The purchase of one Chapman set keeps a lot of Americans working!

Our commitment to Green USA Manufacturing 

Lastly, not only are we commited to American manufacturing, we're also committed to green manufacturing. Read about our green initatives


Guarantee: Chapman prides itself on the quality of our products. Our tools are guaranteed to be as represented and free of defects caused by defective materials or faulty workmanship.

In order to keep open stock part prices reasonable, we can not offer replacement of tools in use for many years (sometimes 30+) that wear out/break. Our guarantee guards against defective materials and faulty workmanship. Tool replacement requires that faulty parts are returned to us with proof of purchase within three years. Our guarantee does not cover products that are improperly used, abused or altered.

Chapman values the loyalty and dedication from our customers and will continue to bring you quality USA made products for years to come.