We've won another Green Circle award from the CT Dept. of Environmental Protection! December 09 2014

Chapman MFG has won a Green Circle award from the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for the second year in a row!

The DEEP awarded us for our minimal waste manufacturing process in 2012, as we recycle all of our oil, steel chips, scrap metal, cardboard, cans and bottles and compost food waste.

Last week, we were invited to the DEEP Commissioner Robert Klee's office in Hartford to be presented an award for our creation and restoration of animal habitats on our property.

In 2013 we​ removed many truckloads of invasive multiflora rose that engulfed much of our two acres and planted a wildlife friendly garden around the shop. The wildlife garden includes native species such as American Dogwood, Mountain Laurel, Sumac and Aster, and other species that are beneficial to pollinators. 

Our property includes a naturally occurring three season stream and is backed by wetlands, as well as several mini ecosystems including dense thickets, foraging spaces, high grassy areas, and many trees. Invasive species had taken over and destroyed the bio-diversity and animal habitats. We clear cut the offending flora and rebuilt our ecosystem with attention to necessary plants for animal cover, foraging and pollinator attraction.

Unlike many businesses, we turn off all of our interior lights at night. Exterior lights are on motion detectors and only illuminate areas close to the building. That way, we do not contribute to light pollution.

Our efforts have paid off in the amount of wildlife spotted on our property! Most mornings and evenings a doe and three fawns pay us a visit, as well as a portly woodchuck and assorted pheasants and turkeys. In the summer, bees buzzed happily in the garden, praying mantis crawled up our windows and our yard was graced by a couple egrets!

We're thrilled to be awarded by the DEEP again, but our environmentally conscious optimization is a continuous process. This summer we upgraded all of our lighting to energy efficient T8 and LED bulbs and reduced paper use. We worked with local landscape designer Roger Engle to develop a master plan for our entire property, and will chose an area to plant yearly. Next summer, we're planting garden in the back of one of our outbuildings that includes more native plants and a small patio for Chapman team members to eat lunch.

Though ripping out impenetrable rose bush thickets with inch long thorns wasn't particularly enjoyable, I'm proud of our small contribution to creating a better habitat for plants, animals and Chapman team members alike. - Joel Camassar