The Chapman MFG Company

471 New Haven Rd, Durham CT 06422

Hours: Weekdays 8:00 to 4:30 EST

Call: 860-349-9228 and say "hi" to Jill and Peggy!

Fax: 860-349-0084


Chapman Welcoming Department

Meet Smith (left) and Wesson (right). Smith and Wesson were found as tiny kittens on railroad tracks by a friend. He carried them around for the rest of his shift in his shirt pockets and took them home to nurse them back to health. Smith and Wesson enjoy causing trouble in the office in between long naps. They are kleptomaniacs and are routinely caught batting around stolen ear plugs and paper clips. When the cats are awake they often demand our attention by parking themselves on our keyboards, hands and paperwork.


Meet Savannah, our rescue pup from Georgia. She's "Top Dog" around the office and is in charge of employee and visitor welcoming. In her free time, she enjoys chewing on rawhide bones and running through the field in back. Savannah is also an avid collector of squeaky toys.

Savannah was pulled off death row at a Georgia shelter when they discovered she was pregnant. Running for Rescues, a CT rescue, paid for her to be driven up to CT and fostered at a volunteer's house with her 7 puppies. Once the puppies got big enough, everyone was adopted out to local homes! Learn more about Running for Rescues.