New ESD Safe Sets - 2 Years in Development July 15 2016

Two years ago we were contacted by a major defense contractor asking if we had ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Safe) tools available. They had hundreds of employees working on electronics each with their own Chapman set. The sets were about 15 years old and worked fine, but the case and the screwdriver handle failed their recent ESD audit.

Electrostatic discharge is defined by Wikipedia is  "the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. A buildup of static electricity can be caused by tribocharging or by electrostatic induction. The ESD occurs when differently-charged objects are brought close together or when the dielectric between them breaks down, often creating a visible spark."

ESD can cause damage to sensitive electronic boards and devices, so if a worker picked up his/her Chapman set, carried it across the room or rubbed it against another object, the Chapman case could build up static electricity, and short out electronics if the worker touched a PC board or set the case down next to it.

Fortunately, all of our bits, extensions and ratchets are ESD safe because they are 100% metal, and metal does not hold a static charge.

We worked diligently for two yeas to develop a plastic case and screwdriver handle that was the same high quality as our existing parts and ESD safe.

Our ESD safe cases and screwdriver handles both measure on the Surface Resistivity scale as conductive, which is typically regarded as having a resistivity below 10 x 6 W/sq. They are only available in black.


We're thrilled to release our new ESD sets to the public! Any 24 bit set (#6810, 4320, 7331, 7341, 9600, 8900, 2011) is available as ESD safe, click here to order. Please e-mail or give us a call with questions. Custom sets area available!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals! November 24 2015

We've gotten many requests for pink sets. Some of our female customers want their tools to be easily identifiable from their husband's or coworker's sets. I've also gotten requests for pink sets from some men who work in large labs or machine shops, and want a pink Chapman because they figure a pink set won't walk!

Either way, we now have each set in 24-bit blow molded case available in our traditional Safety Yellow, Desert Tan and Pink. As of 11/24/2015, the Pink #7331, #9600 & 8900 are on sale until midnight on Cyber Monday 11/30 using the coupon code Black Friday.

- Joel

Domestic & International Shipping November 10 2015

In order to help our customers (especially international customers) make shipping more economical, I posted all of our shipping rates here.

Our rates are determined by order total, so with this information customers can maximize their order based on shipping costs.

The rates just cover our costs, but the international rates can be expensive for small orders. I recommend that our international customers place a group order with friends/family/co-workers to make the shipping more economical.

Connecticut Military Corvette Club Award October 28 2015

The Chapman team was honored to accept an award from John Butler, President of the CT Military Corvette Club for as status as a major sponsor for 2015 and for donations of clothing, supplies, Chapman sets for auctions, goody bags, candy and Chapman knick-knacks etc during the last three years. The CTMCC collects donations and holds car show fundraisers to support local veteran's causes, including homeless veterans. Our team member Pete plays an active role in the organization

WWII Era Chapman Set September 30 2015

Here's an old set from the WWII era. Look closely, do you see the words "O. P. A. retail ceiling price $6.00 per set DO NOT DETACH" at the very bottom edge of the paper label? OPA stands for Office of Price Administration (created in 1941) which set prices on some items during WWII to help prevent inflation and set prices for items deemed in important like food or tools. Looks like our set made the cut!

Sets made before the mid 50's were packaged in eyeglass cases like this one. We don't know why some of the old sets are marked Kensington, CT. As far as we know the tools were made in a two car garage on Meetinghouse Hill in Durham around the corner from our current location. In fact, one of our current team members started working in the two car garage in 1966! Thanks to Greg H. for finding the kit! Check out the article he wrote here

Screwdrivers for Shooters in "Guns Austrailia" September 30 2015

We're thrilled to be featured in the October/December issue of "Guns Australia!" Greg and his wife, when they were in the USA a while ago, visited our shop a while ago to take some photos, chat about manufacturing and buy some tools! Please see the nice article he wrote about us below:

The White Ghost By James R Benn August 10 2015

We're thrilled that James R Benn's latest book "The White Ghost" features a character named Chappy who uses our tools! It was an honor to be included in the book!

Buy the book here

FREE Chapman MFG Stickers July 23 2015

We had a little Chapman team contest to see who could come up with the best slogans to have printed on some stickers. We all brainstormed and then voted, and the two best slogans are below! The stickers themselves are Made in the USA (of course) and printed on durable vinyl designed to stick on your hard hat, tool box or anywhere you want to let others know that you're a proud Chapman user!

Use the coupon code stickers on any web order until 7/31/15 to get both stickers for free!

New! Security Torx Sets January 05 2015

One benefit of being a small company is that we can stay responsive to our customers needs. In fact, our Master Set #5575 was created due to customer demand, and it has turned out to be one of our best selling sets!

Recently, we've received many requests for Security Torx/Star bits in addition to our regular Torx/Star bits. I'm pleased to announce that as of January 2015, we have a limited quantity available to order in either a rack (to snap into an existing Chapman Set) part #XT8-30 or as a soft pack #1086 with a famous Chapman midget ratchet. (Sold out as of 3/1/2015)

Security Torx, also called Security Star, Tamper Resistant Torx, Tamper Resistant Star, Torx TR or Star TR bits fit Torx screws or Star Screws that have 6 points and a pin in the center of the screw.

We are told they are found on a wide range of products including:

Electronics: laptops, PS3, XBox 360 wireless controller (T8), hard drives, external hard drives, Dell XPS, Macbooks, smartphones, Blackberries, AV systems

Anti-theft license plate faster kits

Appliances: Microwaves, Washing machines (particularly on the door of front loaders)

Pocket knives

Ours are available in sizes T8 T10 T15 T20 T25 T27 T30, our part numbers X8 X10 X15 X20 X25 X27 X30.

We have a limited amount of Security Torx bits available. These parts will be available in a larger Security Bit Set in mid 2015, that will also include security Std. & Metric Hex along with other security bits. Security Torx are not yet available open stock.


We've won another Green Circle award from the CT Dept. of Environmental Protection! December 09 2014

Last week, we were invited to the DEEP Commissioner Robert Klee's office in Hartford to be presented an award for our creation and restoration of animal habitats on our property.

Our Article in The Gateway Magazine October 28 2014

     Chapman was established in 1936 by Mr. John Chapman of Durham, CT, in a garage around the corner from where the factory is today. Though the great depression wasn’t the best time to start a business, Chapman has succeeded due to the diligence and passion for tools of its three owners. Current owner Tracy Camassar bought the business three years ago and Chapman is certified as a Woman Owned Business diversity supplier.

    Chapman has focused on manufacturing precision small screwdriver and bit kits since its establishment. Chapman’s famous midget ratchet and accompanying milled insert bits have been used on everything from the Nautilus submarine, space ship testing equipment, Apache helicopters to everyday use in machine shops and households worldwide. Though Chapman tools have a long and colorful history, they are more useful today than ever. As new technology brings more computerization, mico-manufacturing and tighter working tolerances, Chapman tools are sought after as they are non-magnetic (they don’t interfere with electronics) and excel in tight spots. Unlike many other companies that have outsourced and are now returning, Chapman manufactures in the USA from American made materials.

      Chapman ¼” drive screwdriver bits, available in 53 types and sizes including Std. & Metric Allen Hex, Phillips, hollow ground straight sided Slotted, Bristol 6-flute, Reed & Prince/Frearson, Robertson square head and Torx. All are milled from USA tool steel, heat treated with a black oxide finish and are interchangeable with their screwdriver handle and famous offset midget ratchet. Two available extensions add length to the screwdriver handle and ratchet. All Chapman tools are non-magnetic, hand assembled and inspected and available in different combinations in their tool kits.

The beauty of Chapman tools lies in their versatility. Their famous offset midget ratchet provides up to 200 inch pounds of torque (four times the leverage of a large screwdriver) in a tiny space. There’s also a screwdriver handle and a spinner top, both of which can be used independently or combined with their 2” or 3 5/8” extension. You can even use the ratchet, screwdriver handle and extension together as a ratcheting screwdriver.

     While there are many types of insert bits on the market, Chapman’s are reasonably priced and offer exclusive quality features competitors don’t. All the bits are stamped with a part number and have a ball-detent, which is a tiny spring and ball bearing that locks the bits into the tools without the use of magnets. The bits have ear stops or oversized working ends depending on size, and all but the Torx bits have knurled ends for finger tightening. Lastly, the bits are heat treated to a specific hardness for each size and are meant to break before damaging a fastener. For example, many gunsmiths rely on Chapman Slotted bits for working on antique firearms with irreplaceable soft, hand cut screws. Chapman tools are engineered and are hardened to specific tolerances to prevent damage when the fastener is more valuable than the bit. If a bit is broken, all Chapman bits are available open stock for under $2.00 each on their website

     Though Chapman’s largest customer base are machine shops like them, Chapman tools have unlimited uses including assembly, calibrating and servicing of aerospace, medical, dental, imaging, gauging, sewing, sound and robotic equipment and are used extensively on knives and firearms. Probably their biggest fan is Jay Leno, who uses Chapman tools on his antique cars and motorcycles. On a whim about five years ago, owner Tracy sent Jay Leno a letter. Jay personally called Tracy about a week later and said that he’s used Chapman tools for a long time. He invited Tracy out to his garage in Burbank, California to film a short video promoting Chapman tools which you can see on Jay supports American manufacturing by making videos with business owners, and it was an honor to be invited to his Big Dog Garage.

     Though a small, tight knit shop with less than 20 employees ranging from college students to lifelong employees, Chapman is an integral part of the community. In 2013 they were awarded by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection with a Green Circle award for their oil recycling process. In fact, Chapman recycles all the cardboard, bottles and cans, office paper and shredding that they use, so typically only one trash can is sent to waste a week. They have also contributed to several charities from the Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital to Running for Rescues, a charity that helps shelter animals.  In fact, the Chapman office is run by Savannah, a rescue dog and two rescue cats named Smith and Wesson. Savannah, Top Dog at Chapman, was saved from a Georgia shelter is in charge of welcoming and the cats enjoy nudging people for attention.

For the last two years, the Chapman team has been restoring a 1959 Chevy Apache pickup truck. They painted it Chapman yellow and white and use it as a public relations piece at car shows and trade shows. You can see photos of the restoration on their Facebook:

     The Chapman team prides themselves on the quality and longevity of the tools they make. Each tool kit is hand assembled and inspected for quality. All their hard work has paid off, as Chapman receives many glowing reviews, e-mails, letters and phone calls attesting to the handiness and quality of the tools. Two notable ones follow:

     “My father introduced me to one of your smaller Chapman tool kits when I was quite young in age back in the mid 60s…When I became older and was working in the technical service field I purchased a kit of my own to use when I worked on equipment. I was happy to have inherited the kit my father had when he passed away in 2002. Today I ordered the master kit as it contains many of the bits I currently do not have. Thank you for making such a useful tool which I will be passing down to my three sons when the time comes.”

     “My name is Aaron, I’m a Sergeant in the Army and I work on Apache attack helicopters. I’ve used your tool set for about four years now and couldn’t imagine completing my job without it…Almost anything that has a stripped/stuck screw or hex head gets the Chapman set. It’s our SECRET weapon. If your kit can’t get [the screw out] then only a drill can. Any screw that is in a hard spot to get leverage gets your kit. There are several electrical boxes in the tail of the aircraft. We call it the "hell hole". Once you crawl all the way down into the tail, your arms must remain above your head as you wiggle up to the boxes and remove their mounting screws blindly.”

     While all of Chapman’s long term quality USA manufacturing history sets them apart from the majority of the competition, it’s the future in manufacturing that really counts. Chapman is looking into making security Torx and Allen bits to fit tamper proof fasteners with center pins, as well a complement of other tools. They release pre-production tools and other specials through their e-newsletter and Facebook first, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter from their website and find them on Facebook.

     Chapman sells directly through their website For resale or quantity discounts, please contact Joel Camassar at or 860-349-9228. Peggy and Rebecca answer the phones and take orders, so make sure to say hi.

October Special: 4 pack of various length #17 1/4" wide slotted bits October 07 2014

October's Chapman insider treat is our new 4 pack of #17 1/4" wide slotted bits! It contains
1- Stubby 7/8" long
1- Standard 1 1/8" long
1- Medium 1 3/4" long
1- Long 2 1/8" long
1- Spinner
1- Pocket Pack (holds the 4 bits or a ratchet & a couple bits)

The stubby bit is great for reaching screws in tight spaces and the longer ones are for recessed screws.  The packs are $12.00 each, not available anywhere else and we have a very limited quantity available! Click here to order 
We'll be back next month with more Chapman tips or goodies!
Joel Camassar