Collection: Gunsmithing Screwdriver Sets

Our gunsmithing screwdriver sets are perfect for general repairs/restoration on firearms and weaponry.  

The included spinner is designed to apply finger pressure on our smaller bits, while the our famous midget ratchet which can provide up to 4x the torque of a large screwdriver is for use with the larger bits only. 

Our 14 sizes of slotted bits (aka flathead, gun bits) are straight sided hollow ground bits designed to precisely fit slotted screws. Chapman gunsmithing bits are designed to minimize screw damage and break BEFORE damaging or marring a screw. Please read more about Chapman gun bits  

We have been manufacturing gunsmith style hollow ground screwdriver sets since 1936 and supply them to Navy SEALS and Snipers as well as hobbyist and professional gunsmiths.

These non-marring screwdriver sets are perfect for gunsmith enthusiasts or novices alike!