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Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver Bits | Chapman MFG

Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver Bits | Chapman MFG

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Federal Stock #'s

CM-25 5120-01-018-8965
CM-26 5120-01-363-8175
CM-17 5120-00-690-7274 5120-00-439-7274
CM-19 5120-00-690-7273 5120-00-439-8284
  • Our slotted screwdriver bits have straight parallel sides (not tapered like most screwdrivers) for maximum surface contact with the screws.
  • Measurements are width x thickness.
  • Read Mr. Chapman's Tool Tips and Handy Firearm Info
  • We've received many questions about small firearm screws treated with Loctite. Green Loctite threadlocker is supposed to be used on screws smaller than 1/2" not the commonly used red threadlocker. 
  • NEW! #1911 bits fit the grip screws in Colt 1911 handguns. Please check the provided measurements (in inches) to as this is a new bit and cannot guarantee that the bits will fit the screws going back over 100 years.
  • Useful for: Firearms, weaponry, sewing machines, furniture, telegraphs, antiques, fishing reels. 

CM-13 mini ratchet is rated at 200" lbs of torque, which is the typical torque of 4 large screwdrivers. Most of our bits are rated at less than 200" lbs based on the torque of the screws they fit. 

Chapman Precision Screwdriver Bits

• Precision milled to tight tolerances with flat edges, sharp corners & no burrs for snug screw fit

• Machined from USA steel & heat treated with a black oxide rust inhibitor finish

• Bits are engineered to bend/break BEFORE damaging the screw they fit

• Each bit has ears/ring stops with ball detent to hold the bit securely in our tools

• Bits have knurled ends for finger tightening & are stamped with the part #

• Non-magnetic for use on electronics & PC boards

Click here for more information on why Chapman bits are Bits That Don't Screw Up

Shipping & Warranty

Tools can be returned/exchanged in new condition within 45 days of receipt of shipment.

• Refunds are issued once the tools arrive to us

• Shipping & handling charges are non-refundable

• Contact us for a return authorization #

Domestic orders shipped next business day via USPS.

• International orders ship in 3 business days

• UPS, FedEx, DHL available - please contact us

Tools are guaranteed to be as represented & free of defects caused by defective materials/faulty workmanship.

• To keep open stock part prices reasonable, we can not offer replacement of worn tools that wear out/break

• Tool replacement requires that faulty parts are returned with proof of purchase within 3 years

• Warranty does not cover products that are improperly used/abused/altered

  • Free international replacement(s) are not always available

USA Made: Old Fashioned Quality and State of the Art Craftsmanship

Chapman tools are made in Durham, CT from USA materials. We support American made machinery tool and die makers, fabricators, metal finishers, machine part manufacturers and other local service providers. Your support of Chapman MFG in turn supports all the American workers
that we rely on!

Many people say that they "don't make things like they used to." Here at Chapman, our famous midget ratchet and screwdriver bits are essentially unchanged since 1936. We've added more tools and different types of bits since our inception, but the basic assemblies are unchanged.

We precision mill our screwdriver bits on modern equipment that hold tight critical tolerances and produce screwdriver bits with sharp corners, flat ends and no burrs to fit straight and snug into fastener heads. They're heat treated to specific tolerances and then finished with a rust inhibitor black oxide coating.

Our famous midget ratchets are punched from USA stainless steel, hand assembled, inspected and tested before placed into a tool set.

Each set is then also hand inspected, assembled and the accompanying brochure is signed by the assembler. Every kit and part shipped out of our shop is inspected again by a different team member before shipment.

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