Chapman Custom Sets Gallery

Does your company or club need custom or branded screwdriver sets? We offer a variety of options, everything from custom bit arrangements, custom labels to different colored cases and tools! We've customized as few as 1 set and as many as 1,000. A customized or branded Chapman Screwdriver Set makes a great gift! For customization questions please use our Chapman Custom Sets Questionnaire or contact Joel Camassar to discuss your customization options, / 860-349-9228.

Click on any image below to view close up!

A custom motorcycle set with a Union Garage branded case.

A 2019 Collaboration with Supreme. Custom case, handle and ratchet!

Collaboration with Carhartt WIPP Europe. Bicycle kit with company branded pouch and black ratchet.

A custom set with a semi transparenet red screwdriver handle and Coleman inspired bit diagram for a Coleman collectors group (no affiliation with the Coleman company)

A black and yellow kit with a special arrangement of bits for an undisclosed company.

A Limited run of orange case Mity Master Sets.

A custom company-branded soft pack

A limited run of the Wood Case Mity Master Set

A limited run of blue soft packs with blue two tone ratchets

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