Chapman Custom Sets Gallery

Does your company or organization need custom or branded screwdriver sets? We offer a variety of options, everything from custom bit arrangements and custom labels to different colored cases and tools! We've customized as few as 25 sets and as many as 12,000. A customized or branded Chapman Screwdriver Set makes a great gift!  Contact Joel( to discuss customization options.

Supreme Kit

An all purpose kit with a trendsetting look! This customized #7331 kit was made in collaboration with Supreme New York which includes a small red kit case embossed with Supreme logo, branded Mini Ratchet and Screwdriver handle with the words "Supreme MFG Co",and a selection of bits found in our 7331 kit.

Lowend Garage Kit

A kit for the car enthusiast in all of us! In collaboration with Lowend Garage Chicago in Chicago, IL this custom kit includes one of our small orange kit cases,a bit card with the company logo, 3D printed kit label, laser engraved ratchet, and a selection of metric and torx/star bits. This kit was made with today's cars in mind and is perfect for jobs in the garage.

Gates Kit

Furniture assembly with flair! In collaboration with Gates Home Furnishings and Sleep Center this kit includes a larger light blue case, a bit card with company logo, a mini ratchet, two extensions, spinner, an assortment of Ball Allen, Star/Torx Phillips and Slotted bits, and an extra bit rack with space for more bits.