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Typical Dimensional & Torque Specs of Torx Tools/Star Bit Sizes

Torx Sizes/Star Sizes

Diameter Point to Point

Working Torque

Breaking Torque

Star S6/Torx T6

Star S8/ TorxT8

Star S10/Torx T10

Star S15/Torx 15

Star 20/Torx T20

Star S25/Torx T25

Star S27/Torx T27

Star S30/Torx T30

Star S40/Torx T40










5" LBS

12" LBS

20" LBS

34" LBS

56" LBS

84" LBS

119" LBS

166" LBS

6.5" LBS

16" LBS

45" LBS

68" LBS

108" LBS

108" LBS

200" LBS

200" LBS

200" LBS

Torx Screwdriver Set vs. Star Bit Sets

What's the difference? Torx is a licensed product and requires manufacturers to follow their part prints. We feel that our star bit screwdrivers are an improvement on the official Torx bits. Read more

Security Torx Bits/Tamper Proof Torx bits/Pin-in Torx bits

We have security Torx available in a rack or in a Security Bit Set. The center pin of a security Torx (aka tamper-resistant Torx) screw ensures that the proper bit may be inserted into the screw head, preventing the use of regular Torx/star drivers, as well as blocking slotted and hex drivers that might otherwise be able to drive a Torx screw. In many cases, the pin will even prevent insertion of the wrong size of the correct bit type (e.g a tamper resistant T20 cannot be inserted into a tamper resistant T25 screw because the T20's center hole is smaller than the T25's).

Many people want to know the difference between Torx bit sets and star bit sets.

Chapman star bits fit Torx screws, but are a unique, improved version of Torx bits. Torx screws are also known as 6 star screws or 6 point star screws.

Torx head bits are a licensed product that requires manufacturers to follow their part prints. We feel that our Chapman star bits are an improvement on the official Torx bits. The working end of our star bits are precision machined to fit Torx screws, but the shank of the bits have the signature Chapman length and knurled end. The working end that fits into the Torx screw is precision milled and the bits match our standard length of just over 1" with ball detent to hold it into our tools. They also feature our signature knurled end for delicate finger tightening. We improved on the ear stops with a strong ring stop that keeps the bit in place in our famous midget ratchet.

Our star bits can be found in many of our sets including Master Set #5575, #5589 Ultimate Gunsmithing Set and Star sets #6810 and #1068.

Whether you're looking for Torx sizes: T10 Torx screwdriver, T20 Torx screwdriver, T25 Torx bit, T30 star bit, or T40 star bit, Chapman star bit screwdrivers have you covered!

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