Collection: Star/Torx Bit Sets | Chapman MFG

Called Torx, 6 point, and star, Torx are a 6 pointed star shaped screwdriver. Originally designed in the 60’s to outperform hex screws, Torx is a trademarked name for a screwdriver that fits Torx screws, commonly seen in sizes Torx 6 to Torx 40 (or T6 to T40).

Unlike Torx screwdriver bits, Chapman Star screwdriver bits have a ball detent that lock into our tools without the use of magnets. This is essential for working on sensitive electronics where magnets can short out a PC board. They also feature our signature knurled end that provides good grip to finger tighten small and delicate fasteners. We manufacture the most common sizes S6, S8, S10, S15, S20, S25, S27, S30, S40 that fit screws T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40. In summary, our Star bits are precision milled to fit Torx screws, but are an improvement over typical Torx screwdriver bits.