2020 Chapman Gift Guide

2020 Chapman Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking to get one nice big gift or a stocking stuffer, Chapman has plenty to offer to make your holiday gift-giving a breeze. We’re here to inspire you to get the people in your life their favorite gift of the year! We also offer free gift wrapping, just leave us a note in the order and we'll wrap it so you don't have to!

The Big Gifts:

Chapman Mfg is the go-to for high quality, complete precision screwdriver sets. Here are some great ideas if you’re looking for one, all encompassing gift.

1000 Mity Master Set. The Mity Master Set is our biggest, most inclusive set to date. This set includes both regular and ball allen hex bits, Robertsons, Phillips, Star, Slotted, JIS, a socket adapter, plus 7 hand tools to mix and match your bits with. This set is useful for anything around the house, barn, garage robotics department or aerospace R&D facility. 

5575 Master Set. You can’t go wrong with this as a gift. The original Master Set covers all the bases for tools needed around the house and shop. 

Wood Case Set. Each case is made from maple wood with unique wood grain making it is easy to see why these beautiful cases are the perfect gift this holiday season. These cases can be ordered with no tools inside (making it a great gift for someone who already owns Chapman tools) or as a complete Mity Master set (for someone who does not). This case also comes with an engraving option, though because it is a custom item orders need to be placed ASAP to guarantee delivery. 

Hobbyists Gifts:

Chapman offers a wide variety of sets for specific hobbies. Here are a few of the hobbies we cater to:

Sewing machine repair. Our 9600 set gained popularity this year as more and more people broke out their old sewing machines. Though it is one of our oldest sets, the 9600 has proved it still had time to shine in 2020 as we worked hard to keep this classic set in stock. Other ideas to consider: the 2020 Sewing Machine soft pack makes a great stocking stuffer.  

Typewriters. We love happy accidents at Chapman Mfg and finding out that typewriter enthusiasts have been using our tools for years was a great discovery! This year we teamed up with a few members of the typosphere to develop our 0623 Typewriter set. Our only recommendation before purchasing this set as a gift is to make sure your typewriter enthusiast hasn’t already snagged one, though this set was only released a few months ago the response for this set has been overwhelming!

Gunsmithing. Probably our largest hobby group, we have a few sets to consider the gunsmith in your life. You can keep it simple with the starter 8900 Standard + Slotted set, give them room to customize and add to their own 5589 Ultimate Gunsmith set, or go all out with a 5575 Master Set. Pro tip: Only our 5589 Ultimate Gunsmith set comes with a 1911 grip screw bit, but you can also find it for sale individually and add one to any set. 

Questions? Chat with Jill & Nicky on our website, email us at sales@chapmanmfg.com or call 860-349-9228 and we'll help you pick out the perfect gifts. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season! - Chapman Mfg

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