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2021 Chapman Gift Guide

Colors- It’s been frequently requested that we offer our tool sets in more colors. This year, we delivered. We are proud to offer new colors for each of our hard case sets. Aside from our classic yellow, you can also choose from orange and red in both hard case size. We also have additional new colors for our Master and Mity Master Sets. Take a look at all of the colorful options below! Limited edition sets in colors other than yellow are easily distinguishable from other Chapman sets, and make a great (and useful!) gift for someone who might have an old yellow set and needs an upgrade. These sets will last for years to come, making them a great gift you know the receiver will cherish for a long time.

Holiday Gifts - Colored Cases

New Euro Set- New to our product line this year is metric slotted bits. We are very excited to include these bits in our new Euro set along with metric hex, JIS, and Star (fits Torx) bits. Anyone who works on European machinery will appreciate this set in their collection.

Palm Ratchet- One of our most exciting new products this season is the palm ratchet. Designed to be more ergonomic and fit into even tighter spaces, this ratchet is a game changer. This item sold out within 24 hours when we first introduced it. Don’t worry, we built up stock for the holiday season, but don’t wait to grab one as a stocking stuffer or treat yourself!

Palm Ratchet Wood Case- Made from genuine hardwood (not stained!), these hand finished gorgeous cases come in maple, walnut, cherry, and purple heart.  This set comes with a palm ratchet, short extension, 2 Phillips, SAE hex bits .050 through 5/16, and a socket adapter. These cases are 5" x 3.5" x 1.5".

Wood Cases- Same as the palm ratchet wood cases, these wood cases are also genuine hardwood made from maple, walnut, and cherry. Also available is a maple case with walnut stripes and a cherry case with a walnut stripe. Designed to fit all of the bits that come in a Mity Master set, this case is 9” long, 5” wide, 2” high. This would be the perfect gift for someone who values fine craftsmanship and fine tools.
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