5 Reasons Your Chapman Tool Case is Supreme


    1. It’s durable. Your Chapman hard tool case has been tested against the harshest environments. While creating the recipe for the plastics used to mold the case we did everything we could to make the case as destructible as possible. We threw them on the ground with all of our might. We put them in the freezer for days, we left them out in the hot sun. The end result is a case that will do just as well in Texas as Alaska.
    2. It has a latch. You’ll know your tools are securely closed when you want them to be, but will easily open when ready for use. The plastic formula for the latches is slightly different than the case plastic, making it more pliable but just as strong as the case itself. Having a tools case that closes by a flimsy latch can be tedious and will break before you can really use it. You’ll want a tool case you can rely on.
    3. The hinge. Other tool cases are made from weak hinges that can easily break apart or detach. Your plastic Chapman cases come hinged and will last for years of use. Don’t purchase a set with a case that has thinly stressed strips of plastic keeping it together. 
    4. It's made for your tools. Whether you want to keep your bits snug in the racks or loose, your case was made specifically for your tools. Each of our sets are strategically designed to hold bits without wasting space or room. We want you to have the most room for bits and tools without leaving gaps. Having a well designed tool case means being smarter about your tools.
    5. You can make it customizable. Our 5580C case is full of removable racks so you can decide exactly where you want your tools in the case. You can pull out racks to insert tools or keep all the racks in for bits and leave the handle, ratchet, and extension out. You get to decide and design your tool case in the way that works best for you.
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