5 Scenarios When a Small Screwdriver Set Comes in Handy

    1. When storage space is tight: How do you fit 17 screwdrivers in the palm of your hand? Buy a Chapman motorcycle set! From our motorcycle sets to our Mity Master Set with 68 bits and 6 drivers, all Chapman screwdriver sets squeeze a lot of tools and maximum utility into a small case. Our small screwdriver sets easily fit into gloveboxes, range bags, saddle bags, and tool belts.
    2. When you have plenty of storage but no room: Even if you have a 6 car garage with a wall of toolboxes, you can’t take all that with you when you need to replace something under the dashboard of your car. However, you can keep a Chapman small screwdriver set by your side with all the bits and drivers you need to get the job done.
    3. When you need torque in a tight spot: Our midget ratchet is small but mighty and provides up to 200” lbs of torque, which is about the torque provided by a large screwdriver. That’s impressive because our little ratchet is less than 4” long. So when you need to turn a fastener where a large screwdriver doesn’t fit, turn to Chapman!
    4. When you’re on a plane: Customers who travel fixing equipment for a living love Chapman tools! They’ve told us that our short 2” extension, when combined with our screwdriver handle and bits, is under the maximum length that you can carry onto an airplane. That way you can carry your little Chapman small screwdriver set on the plane without worry that it’ll go missing with your luggage!  
    5. When you need to hide your most recent purchase from your significant other: Chapman small screwdriver sets are compact enough to stash in a sock drawer, which is particularly useful when you’ve been told “no more tools!”
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