5 Times You Need a Precision Screwdriver Set

  1. When you need a precise fit. Unlike many imported screwdriver bits, Chapman precision screwdriver bits are milled American sourced tool steel, not molded from powdered metal. Our bits have sharp, precise corners and contours that are held to tight tolerances ensuring that our bits bite precisely into the screw they fit. Since metal cannot be molded into tight corners and radii, many inferior inexpensive bits only sloppily fit into screws.
  2. When you need a precision bit that doesn’t screw up. Maybe you’re dissembling an antique telegraph with soft, hand cut screws, or aligning a precision imaging machine. Anyone who’s held responsible for servicing equipment where damaging a screw that’s difficult or impossible to replace knows that you need to trust your tools. Chapman screwdriver bits are precision milled from tool steel and heat treated to specific tolerances to provide the torque required based on the corresponding screw it fits. If you exceed that torque, they are designed to bend or break before damaging the screw they fit. This is vital in instances where the screw is much more valuable than the screwdriver bit. 
  3. When you need a precise fit on hard to reach screws. Ever try to reach an awkwardly placed fastener with an Allen key only to find that you can only insert the key halfway into the screw? And then you can only turn the key 30 degrees at a time before removing it and reinserting it in the original position?  That’s why our precision screwdriver bits are interchangeable with our 2 different length extensions, midget ratchet, screwdriver handle and spinners. You can use any combination of precision screwdriver set tools, extensions and bits you need to ratchet on hard to reach fasteners. 
  4. When you can’t lose a bit. There’s nothing worse than finishing a repair, dropping an insert screwdriver bit down into whatever you’re working on, and then wasting more time trying to fish it out. Chapman precision screwdriver bits are manufactured with a ball detent which holds them snugly into our tools. Need a super secure hold? We sell screwdriver handles and extensions with set screws so you can lock the bit in the tool without fear that it’s going to shake loose.
  5. When you can’t lose a bit of time. It seems that almost every machine from CNC’s to Chevy uses a variety of different type and size fasteners. Sorting through a pile of screwdrivers wastes time, especially when you’re already behind on the production schedule and the machine decides to go down. Chapman precision screwdriver bits are organized into vinyl pouches or plastic cases by type and size. Our larger cases have a spot for every bit, so one size larger precision driver bit is one spot over instead of on the bottom of the pile. We even sell colored midget ratchets so you can color code your most commonly used tool combinations.
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