6 Tips for Selecting a Hex Bit Set

Hex screws are commonly found in everything from furniture to appliances. Having a hex bit set handy for around-the-house use is important. It can be overwhelming trying to find the best set for your use. Chapman can make the choice easy for you. You’ll be assembling your new furniture sets in no time! 

  1. Know your measuring units: Do you need sizing in imperial or metric units? Trying to fit a ⅛ bit into a 3mm hex screw might almost work, but knowing that you need a 3mm screwdriver bit may be what saves you from stripping your screw. Luckily Chapman offers hex bit sets in both to help you cover all of your bases. We have sets that include both SAE & MM (like our #1000 Mity Master, #5575 Master Set, or #7331) or sets that focus individually on SAE (such as our #5589 or #8900) or MM (#1916 or #2309).
  2. Have size options: Of course having a variety of size options will help make any job easier. Chapman offers a wide range of sizes from .050” and 1.3mm for SAE Allen Hex to 5/18” and 8mm for Metric Allen Hex (includes 4.5mm and 5.5mm half sizes). 
  3. Have tool options: Chapman tools are all interchangeable with our handle and extension. This means, you can put any bit directly into the handle OR attach the extension to the handle and put the bit in the extension for a further reach. Having a versatile hex bit set can save you valuable time. Our famous midget ratchet with an extension helps you achieve the classic “L” Allen Key shape while using your hex bits. 
  4. Get tools that will last, but are easy to replace if they don’t. Chapman tools will last you a lifetime- but we understand that accidents happen. Chapman makes replacing bits easy by keeping all of our bits and tools open stock at a low price. Our philosophy is that we would rather you break your bit than mar your screw. Other companies may require you to purchase another complete hex bit set when you only need to replace a single piece. Chapman keeps our bits open stock so that replacements are convenient and easy to get.
  5. Make sure they are durable. Made from USA tool steel, heat treated, and with a black oxide finish, Chapman tools are meant to withstand heavy use. While our tools are nice to look at, we ultimately value how well they work and how hard they will work for you. Our tools are known to last a lifetime and pass from generation to generation. Hex bit sets can be easy to come by, but Chapman has the both the history and reputation of quality on our side.
  6. Ease of use means getting the job done right. Having tools that are easy to use and work well together can make all the difference. No one wants to be scrambling to find tools that work together. Chapman sets come in neat, easy to store cases where everything is in one place, making grabbing just the right tool simple to do. We offer a great mixture of sets, some small enough to fit in your pocket and durable injection mold cases to add to your tool collection.

Whatever the need for it is, having a hex bit set that will last you for years is invaluable. Perfect for gifts or for treating yourself, Chapman offers a large array of hex bit sets. If you need help selecting the best one for your application, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We’re here to help.

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