WWII Era Chapman Set

Here's an old set from the WWII era. Look closely, do you see the words "O. P. A. retail ceiling price $6.00 per set DO NOT DETACH" at the very bottom edge of the paper label? OPA stands for Office of Price Administration (created in 1941) which set prices on some items during WWII to help prevent inflation and set prices for items deemed in important like food or tools. Looks like our set made the cut!

Sets made before the mid 50's were packaged in eyeglass cases like this one. We don't know why some of the old sets are marked Kensington, CT. As far as we know the tools were made in a two car garage on Meetinghouse Hill in Durham around the corner from our current location. In fact, one of our current team members started working in the two car garage in 1966! Thanks to Greg H. for finding the kit! O. P. A. retail ceiling price $6.00

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