Bicycle Repair Tool Kit

Best Bike Repair Tool Kit

Since more and more of us are working from home, going for a ride on your bicycle seems to be a great way to take a mental break, get out of the house, and safely enjoy the outdoors. We’ve noticed an increase of customers who are taking up new hobbies and activities to stay active and moving. Maybe you, like so many others, have been noticing that your bike could use a tune-up since using it more. Or maybe you realized halfway through a ride that your brakes needed adjusting and wished you had a small tool set on hand to get the job done… whatever your reason for DIY bicycle repair is, Chapman has got you covered.

If you’ve been looking for a compact, easy to carry (or ride with) bike repair tool kit, Chapman’s 2309 is the perfect start. We teamed up with bicyclists across the country to develop a cyclist tool set that can fit in a bike bag or pannier without taking up too much valuable space. Bike repair tool kits can be easy to find, but none have a reputation like Chapman.

This set comes with a variety of tools such as: Metric Allen Hex, Phillips, and a S25 for disk brakes. Of course this set comes with our famous midget ratchet that exceeds expectations for getting where you need to for repairs. The handle fastened by an EPDM is the final touch, literally wrapping the entire set together.

The best feature about this bike repair tool kit is that it is lightweight and perfect for just keeping the essentials. When you have a repair emergency, you’ll be glad you have a Chapman 2309 on hand. Maintenance doesn’t have to be a pain, either. You’ll find yourself reaching for your Chapman bike repair tool kit often. You’ll want tools that last for years to come and Chapman delivers.

So save yourself headaches and trips to the repair shop by picking up a 2309 Bicycle Set from Chapman. This set also makes a great Father’s or Mother’s Day gift or a stocking stuffer for the holidays!


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