Chapman Ratcheting Screwdriver Set Vs. Competitors

Ratcheting Screwdriver Set


Chapman Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

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100% USA Made

200+ tool combinations

Black Oxide

Precision Heat Treated

Stamp with Number

Quality Case with Hinge

When purchasing a precision ratcheting screwdriver set, you want to be sure that you are getting high quality tools that will last a lifetime. Chapman is one of the originals and has been making ratcheting screwdriver sets since 1936. Your Chapman tools will easily become a favorite amongst your tools. Other sets come in flimsy, cheap plastic. Chapman tool cases are made to withstand all sorts of conditions and won’t shatter if they accidentally fall to the ground. The ball detent snaps each bit into the handle, extension, or ratchet and is perfect for those who cannot use magnets while working with tools. We precision heat treat our bits to specific Rockwell ranges for the best torque. The black oxide and rust prevent finish is the cherry on top and sets our bits apart from others. 

Of course at the heart at almost all of our sets is the ratchet. Measuring at less than 4” long and .587” thick, this mini ratchet with an 18 degree working arc can help get into low clearance spaces. 

All of our sets are hand inspected and assembled by a team of tool experts with care. You can’t go wrong with a Chapman ratcheting screwdriver set with tons of tool combinations that can get you out of a tight spot! Get a set that will last you a lifetime and you can pass on. 

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