Chapman Tool Customer Testimonials

Chapman Tool Customer Testimonials

We've collected these testimonials from reviews left on our tools and e-mails sent to us from customers. 

It's amazing what a woman can take apart with the proper tools! I bought these bits as a Christmas gift for my husband, but in the month we've had them, I've used them almost every day! With the correct bits I can take apart and fix (with my handy husband's help) almost anything! I read about Chapman bits on a sewing machine repair blog and immediately ordered them, thinking my husband would love the additional bits for his small appliance tinkering. When they arrived I tried them out on my vintage Singer sewing machine. A chrome screw that wouldn't budge on previous attempts to dislodge it popped right out with the proper size bit and the clever midget ratchet. I'm in the process of taking apart, cleaning and reassembling the entire machine now. I've also used the bits on vacuum cleaners, a crock pot, and an espresso machine. My husband gets to use his Christmas present, too, but the Master Kit is now kept in our office with my jewelry and eyeglasses repair tools. If you're into DIY projects or repairing appliances and electronics, this set is a must have! Because the tools are made in this country, my husband and I are proud to own them! - Happy Wife

Best bit kit I've ever used. I've used these for over 20 years, and have also given these as gifts. I work for a major Auto company, and these have been a lifesaver for me fixing equipment. The quality is the best I've found on this type of tool. Buy with confidence. - Gary B.

This thing has virtually everything you need (aside from an adjustable crescent wrench to hold hex nuts from the opposite side) to dismantle any piece of modern machinery. Bits are very sharp edged and there is a size to fit snuggly with all bolts and screws. The spinner's a nice little addition as you will find yourself wanting to use just the bits by hand pretty often for tight spaces. I had experience using kits like this with semiconductor wafer coat tracks from the 80s (if you've never seen one there's a ridiculously wasteful amount of screws and bolts all of varying sizes and threads by modern day standards). This tool kit makes short work of repairs. It was a no brainer when I was out looking for a kit for my rifle and for use at home. One stop shop. - Rob

Buy the biggest set you can so you can pass them along to your grandchildren or great grandchildren... This set should last you a lifetime (except when you lose some of the pieces)...I got my first set (1613) in '74, use them all the another set (4320) and have now upgraded buying bits and pieces, hope to pass them along in 30-40 years or not!!! - Monty E. 

I've had my add on "G" pack since 1980. It's my "go to" set when I have a stubborn socket set screw or sock head cap screw I can't get loose with regular hex key. Have one no. 8 (1/8") that looks a little rough but still good! Works nice in close quarters also! The plastic pouch is pretty dirty on the outside for 35 years of use and storage. -Ken

WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT IT. I've used this kit #1316 for probably 50 years (+ or - bought it when they first came out to carry on my motorcycle). Its been on every motorcycle I've owned ever since and I would not be without it. I carry and use kit # 6320 with me every day for my work as an electrician and someone usually asks where I got it. But this little 1316 pouch is so useful and easy to carry its great. Everyone should have one or even 2. - Bob 

Excellent Tool for confined spaces. CM 13 Mini Ratchet worked beautifully for me. It helped me dismantle a machine assembly I was working on faster and easier. Normally I would be using a size 10 open wrench to remove this part and this would take longer not to mention the strain it placed on my back. When I found this tool, I mixed it up with an adapter and #10 socket wrench and tried it out, I finished the job mush faster and easier. Excellent tool ! - Reiner

The most used tool in my shop. 30 years ago I asked a machinist what was the best tools to buy. He replied "Chapman" without any hesitation, so I purchased a set, which included the CM13 ratchet. As small as it was, I expected that it might make it through one job or a year. I still use it every week, and it has never failed me. The ability to ratchet in very small places with great torque is very handy. The fact that it still does it after 30 years is incredible. It makes you want to say "They don't build them like they used to!" But you would be wrong. I recently purchased Chapman sets for my son and future son-in-law. The quality is the same that I bought 30 years ago. It is so refreshing to be able to purchase a high quality tool made in America at prices that compete. My complements and business go to all the associates at Chapman Manufacturing. - Tom

Excellent quality and performance from this tiny ratchet set. Chapman's tiny ratchet saved me this week when installing a shift tube in my ford truck. None of the torx sockets I had would fit tight space I needed to work in. After struggling with sockets and torx key sets, a bit I remembered my Chapman tool set sitting in my toolbox. Lo and behold it had the right size torx bit and worked perfectly.
What's more to love? It is manufactured right here in the USA!

Best Tool Kit for Gun Smithing needs. I bought my Chapman tool kit to use for all my handgun and rifle disassembly/ assembly needs. All gun screws need to have a precise driver size and Chapman supplies them. If not in the kit you can order the correct size you need on their web site. 10+ score - Dave C. 

I recently purchased three 6" extensions that were test units...The second day that I had them, I put one to the test and it passed with flying colors! I had to take down a large flat screen TV that was wall mounted. The retaining screws were Allen head screws behind the TV in a very awkward location. The ell wrench that came with the mount was very difficult to use because of the limited space. My trusty 30 year old Chapman set was better, but still very difficult to use up behind the TV. But when I slipped on the 6 inch extension, it was a piece of cake. This would be a great adder to any Chapman set. I hope that they release them for general sale.  – Tom

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