How do you pick the perfect tool gifts for Dad? 

 Whether its for Father’s Day, his birthday, the holidays, or just because he’s a good Dad, getting a tool gift for your Dad can be difficult. How do you choose the best one? You want to get him something he will use and appreciate. Chapman can help you pick the best option for your Dad.

#1. For the Practical Dad: The Master Set #5575 has everything he needs within reach to fix what needs fixin’ around the house. The Master Set has a vast assortment of Philips, Slotted, SAE & MM hex, Star, and Robertson that covers all of the basic home needs without being overwhelming. This set is the perfect size to keep in a drawer or closet for simple repairs and maintenance without having to take an entire tool chest into the house. Also great to keep in your car or everyday carry bag. The Master Set #5575 makes a great tool gift for almost any Dad that likes to keep things practical.

 #2. For the Tool Enthusiast Dad: The Mity Master #1000. This set has it all, even the fancy tools! Aside from the standard bits that come in the #5575, this set also includes Ball Allens, JIS, and an expansion on sizes for slotted and hex bits. This is the set for the Dad who likes to show off his tools to his neighbors and friends. They’ll want to borrow his Mity Master Set, but if he’s a Smart Dad, he won’t let them! This set is also great for a retirement gift.

 #3. For The Hobbyist Dad: Ultimate Gunsmith Set #5589 is a perfect tool gift set for a Dad might have a use for it. But if he wouldn’t, we also have other sets for different hobbies, including our 1903H & 1916 for motorcyclists, 9600 for antique machinery, or 2309 for bicyclists. Chapman customers use our sets for everything from typewriters to Coleman lanterns to antique sewing machines. If your dad is a hobbyist, chances are there is a Chapman set for him.

 #4. For the Old School Dad: The #7331 Classic set. This Chapman set goes back decades and hasn’t changed much for a reason: it works just as it is. Still one of our most popular sets, your Dad (or his Dad!) might have had this set way back when. Sentimentality aside, this is the perfect set for a Dad who likes to keep it classic. The #7331 offers Philips, SAE Allen Hex, Metric Allen Hex, and is completed with a few slotted bits.

 #5. For The Simple Dad: Some Dads like to keep it simple. Having too many tools can be a hassle and hard to keep track of. The #2021 Pocket Pack easily fits into a pocket or tool belt and is light enough to carry around. This set is the perfect tool gift for Dad that likes to keep things simple- no need for extra tools when the Pocket Pack can get it all done with just a few tools. This set keeps it basic with 2 Phillips bits, 2 slotted bits and a ratchet. 

 Rest assured that Chapman is here to help you and your Dad find the right tools. You want to get him something that he’ll use for years to come and will withstand the test of time. Being in business since 1936 has helped us perfect the longevity of our tools. When you purchase with Chapman, you know that you’re getting a tool gift for dad that he may be able to pass onto you one day.  

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