Micro Screwdriver Sets and Tiny Screwdriver Sets


While big, expansive tools sets can be fun and useful to have, sometimes you have limited room and don’t want the weight of a large set in a pack. That’s where tiny screwdriver sets come in handy. Electricians often only use a tool belt when out on a job. Trying to include another tool set can be a hassle and take up too much room. All too often we hear from military customers who can’t carry too much out in the field. Sometimes it’s because they simply don’t have the room to spare on their person or in their pack, but other times it’s because they do not want to be dragged down by the weight of a heavier tool set. Chapman offers sets small enough to fit in your pocket. Chapman offers soft, light packs of tools for customers who require it. Micro screwdriver sets can be an asset to anyone that requires it for their job, but can also benefit anyone who likes to travel light. Chapman’s Pocket Pack is great to keep in a tool drawer at home for easy access or in the glove compartment of your car.

With industries leaning more on technology and precise electronic equipment, tiny screwdriver sets are becoming more popular to work on modern appliances. Computers, gaming systems, and printers often force their uses to rely on micro screwdrivers to repair or customize their electronics. Often manufacturers leave little to no space to get inside electronics and work on the equipment. But with Chapman tools it can be a lot easier to find the right clearance when you need it. Our “bigger” hard sets come with an array of small tools to make sure you have the right one for the job and still light enough for EDC.

Chapman understands the importance of tiny screwdriver sets and the difference they can make for someone who needs to get into a tight spot or doesn’t have enough room in their bag to take on too many tools. We also offer empty soft pack cases for those who want more options for a larger set, but only want to take a few tools at a time with them for a job. See all of your options

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