The Best Screwdriver Set for Dad

Your dad is about to have a new favorite screwdriver set. We’re even willing to bet he will try to sneak his coveted Chapman Mity Master Set into the house rather than store it in the garage with the rest of his tools. Mostly because it’s nice and compact and looks like it could fit perfectly right there in his night stand drawer, or the new Wood Case Mity Master Set containing the best USA made screwdriver set on that shelf in the living room. Or in the cupboard. No one will notice, right?

Let’s face it: Your dad is always fixing something. Whether it’s something coming apart in the house or his project car in the garage, dads always have something they’re tinkering with. If your dad has a Chapman Mity Master Set, he’ll be looking for the next “problem” around the house to fix.

The Chapman Mity Master Set is the best screwdriver set that your dad will want within reach whenever possible. A screw coming loose on the toilet paper holder? Chapman’s got it covered. That leg at the dining room table feeling a little jiggly? His Chapman set can help with that too.

Full disclosure: Your dad may try to take his Chapman screwdriver set everywhere. We’ve known some dads to carry their set at all times. I mean, can you really be sure that there won’t be an instance that he won’t need it? Look how nice it fits in the glove compartment of the car. None of his other tool sets travel so easily or are more durable. It’s so convenient, you can even get a soft pack if you need to put just a couple tools in your pocket on your way out the door in a hurry. 

Chapman tools are the kind of tools that are passed down from generation to generation. You’ll want to invest in a set that you might get back someday and the Chapman Mity Master Screwdriver set is the best screwdriver set to stand the test of time.

Does it seem like a dad wrote this blog post? We can neither confirm nor deny… but we can confirm that if you get your dad a Mity Master Screwdriver set, it’ll be the best screwdriver set in his arsenal and a set he’ll actually use.

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