The Evolution of Chapman's Screwdriver Handles

The Evolution of Chapman's Screwdriver Handles

Throughout the years, Chapman MFG has undergone numerous variations of our screwdriver handle. However, one thing has always remained constant: a handle that enables seamless transitions between tool bits and accessories.We know how crucial it is to have dependable tools in your toolbox, and we're dedicated to delivering top-notch products that meet your needs. So, let's learn more about the handles of Chapman!

Let's begin with the CMH-3 in black with white writing and set screw. It is the earliest known variation of our screwdriver handle. The handle has an adjustable set screw for locking in our bits and extensions. This feature helps keep the bit or extensions securely in place while you work with them. This feature was a key part of our kits especially in the red case era (1970-1989) and had continued until approximately July of 2011 when we transitioned to the CMH-3 Classic Black handle.

Next came the CMH-3 Classic Black handle is black with yellow writing on the handle. This variation of CMH-3 was introduced into our kits and inventory around July of 2011. With the introduction of this handle our customers had the option of a handle with or without a set screw installed. Just like the previous handle, the set screw variation has an adjustable set screw that can enable you to lock an extension or a bit in the handle. We still have stock of this set screw version of the Classic Black handle however this handle variation overall has been discontinued since late April of 2023 and has been switched to our current CMH-3 - Black and yellow handle. 

Did you know that the CMH-3 Classic Black handle wasn't just available in classic black? It also came in red and classic black with pink writing.The CMH-3 Classic Black with pink writing was available in the pink variations of our #7331,#9600, #8900, #0623, #7820, and  #7341 kits. The CMH-3 in Red had white writing adorned on the handle and could be found in the Red, White, and Blue versions of all our hard case kits.Unfortunately, both of these handle variations have been discontinued since April 2023 and have been replaced with our current CMH-3 Black and Yellow handle.

Following the Classic Black handle and its variations, is the ESD handle. They were introduced into our product line in approximately 2016. The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Safe) handles are black and thinner than our traditional screwdriver handle. They're made with a special ESD safe plastic that's perfect for jobs where you don't want a lot of static charge. These handles were originally found in ESD Safe versions of our #9600, #6810, #4320, and #2011 kits. This handle measures on the Surface Resistivity scale as conductive, which is typically regarded as having a resistivity below 10 X 6 W/sq. Currently, these handles can be bought individually on our website or in our new Tool Roll Up sets.

Another ongoing handle variation we sell here at Chapman is our wooden handles. Our wooden screwdriver handles are made by  James Vavra of Round Wood Studio in Nashville, TN. Each handle is made by hand ensuring that each one is a unique work of art. They are only available in our #1075 Mini Mity and #1000 Mity Master Wood Kits. For the #1075 Mini Master kit, the handle is only available in Maple hardwood. The #1000 Mity, comes in Maple, Cherry, or Walnut hardwood depending on the version kit you purchase. Currently, we have two versions of this kit: V3 and V4. V3 #1000 has Cherry and Maple hardwood handles while the  V4 #1000 has Walnut and Cherry hardwood handles. These wooden handles are not only functional but also a statement piece that will elevate your tool collection to new heights.

Lastly, the latest edition to our screwdriver handle line up is the CMH-3 Black and Yellow. This handle boasts sleek black and clear yellow panels, adorned with stunning gold writing. This variation of CMH-3 was formally introduced in early March of 2023 as the CMH-3 -Classic Black Handle variation was dwindling in inventory. Since April of this year, it is now found in all our kits that once held the previous handles except for the wood sets and Tool Roll Up sets. While this variation may be young, we have no doubt that it will exceed all expectations. Its future is bright, and we eagerly await its evolution.

Overall, Chapman MFG has introduced many variations of our screwdriver handle over the years. But one thing that's always stayed the same is the  ease in which you can switch between different bits and accessories. We understand how important it is to have reliable tools in your toolbox, and we're committed to providing you with the best products possible. Whether you consider yourself a professional mechanic or just an enthusiastic DIYer, rest assured that Chapman MFG has got your back.

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