Bicycle Tool Set

Ultimate Convenience: Keep Your Tools Organized and Portable with Chapman MFG’s New 321 Bicycle Tool Sets

Are you ready to meet the latest addition to our Chapman tool line? Allow me to introduce our new Bicycle Tool Set! It's small enough to easily slip into your pocket or bike bag, but don't be fooled by its size – it's mighty indeed.


The Bicycle set hold 10 insert bits which include Phillips #1 and #2 , a S25 (fits Torx screws) and 7 Metric Allen Hex sizes. Along with the insert bits, this set comes with a 2" extension and a ratchet

Additionally, the level of attention to detail and quality craftsmanship ensures that our cases are not only functional but are compact as well. The new black contoured pocket cases are small enough to fit perfectly in a shirt pocket with ease. The inside of the case comes with two bit racks to help keep your bits in case during the most daring bike rides.


This set is an absolute lifesaver when you're out and about on your bike and need a quick fix. Trust me, once you have this compact gem in your possession, mechanical mishaps will no longer be a cause for panic during your rides!

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