Tamper proof Torx Bit

What Is A Tamper Proof Torx Bit

Tamper Proof. Security. Pin-In. Anti-Theft. What exactly is a tamper proof Torx bit and what purpose does it serve? 

Simply put, they are Torx (or Star) screwdrivers that have a round hole in the middle to match the Star/Torx screws that have a pin. 

Tamper proof screws are usually inserted so they cannot be interfered or changed easily. The idea behind tamper proof Torx bit screws is that they are screws that aren’t meant to be removed often or someone doesn’t want them to be removed unless necessary. 

You may have noticed tamper proof Torx bit screws while working on your car. Mass airflow sensors, throttle position sensors, anti-theft license plates and air bag components are often locked in place with security screws and if you’re lucky enough to own your very own tamper proof Torx bits, you won’t need to pause while working.

We’ve also seen anti-theft tamper proof Torx bit screws on bicycle brake systems, microwaves, front loading washing machines and electronic/computer systems. 

Security tamper proof Torx bit screws are popular in public restrooms or other areas to discourage vandalism or theft of things such as paper towel holders or bathroom stall doors.

Chapman offers tamper proof Torx (Star) bits in sizes S8, S10, S15, S20, S25, S27, & S30 and is one of the few manufacturers of USA made tamper proof Torx (Star) security screwdriver bits left.

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