Why Chapman Tools are Must have DIY tools

Why Chapan Tools are Must have tools for DIY

• Assembling furniture. It’s said that you know a marriage will last if you can assemble furniture together successfully. With a Chapman set, you can assemble any furniture in no time (though we can’t promise you won’t end up with an extra screw in the end!). Sometimes new furniture comes with cheap, unreliable tools that are too soft and strip. Chapman tools are made from tool steel and hardened to a precise Rockwell that is not too hard and brittle or soft and malleable. This allows you to secure the screws into the furniture without worrying about ruining your tolls in the process.

  • You’ll always have the right size. Thanks to the expansive range of sizes within each screwdriver family that Chapman offers, you’ll never need to guess or just “make it work” to get the correct size for your screw. For some projects, having the correct screwdriver size can mean keeping your screw safe and not marred. Chapman currently offers 12 different sizes of Metric Hex bits and SAE Hex Bits, 14 sizes of hollow ground slotted bits, and 9 sizes of Star bits. Finding the ebay fit for the screw has never been easier.
  • We’re here to help. Sometimes taking on a DIY project can be overwhelming. If you’re having trouble with your tool application or need assistance finding the right size screwdriver for the job, Chapman is only a chat away! Find our chat on the bottom right of any page on our website. Individual replacements are available for bit types as well and easy to order directly through our website. Have any questions about which is the best set for you? Let us know your needs and we’ll tell you the best fit for your use.
  • You’ll always have the right fit. All of our tools are made to rigid factory specifications with a low tolerance. Many of our specifications are military-grade and Chapman values quality above all else. Beyond that, the design of our tools makes sure you’re using your tools correctly. Our hollow ground slotted bits are a must for DIY tools. Unlike tapered slots, Chapman slotted bits fit directly into the screw slot, making perfect connection and gripping the slot from the bottom, opposed to the top.
  • They are a secret weapon. We are always amazed at the different and interesting things our tools end up being used for. Who knew a tool set that was used on an Apache helicopter can also be useful for the simple things around the house? Using Chapman tools for DIY projects is just one of many extraordinary uses for these sets. Your friends and family will wonder how you do it all and you’ll know you couldn’t have done it without your trusty Chapman set. You can keep it a secret or you can shout it from the rooftops, but your Chapman set will be your best friend and a must have tool set for your DIY projects.
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