Why Industrial Machinists Choose Chapman

When you work as an industrial machinist, you know that machines are not easily made to be serviced. That can be pretty inconvenient when something goes wrong, but Chapman has a great advantage: each and every machine in our factory here at Chapman MFG has its own Chapman set of tools. Being in the same space since the 1950s means we have plenty of antique equipment mixed in with our modern machines, so we need a variety of tools to keep everything going. Everything from state of the art CNCs to a 30+ year old Minster Press keep us busy while we make your tools. We would never be able to access all of the bolts and fasteners to change tooling or make adjustments on the machines in our factory without Chapman tools at the ready! Our famous midget ratchet and screwdriver bits have gotten us into and out of countless tight spots!

We know -and our customer testimonials have told us- we are not alone. Our hex bits (both SAE and MM hex) stand out for anyone trying to get into a tight spot that even an L shaped hex key won’t reach or is uncomfortable. Our midget ratchet is less than 4" long, has an 18 degree working arc, and provides up to 200" lbs of torque (approx. 4 times the torque available from a large screwdriver) in a tiny space. Using our ratchet with your correct hex bit size prevents you from having to lift and reinsert for every turn with a regular hex key. 

So why NOT choose Chapman for your tool bag? We’re pretty confident you’ll be getting rid of some of your tools in your tools arsenal once you have a Chapman set handy. Whether you want a sturdy hard case set with all the fixings or a simple grab-and-go soft pack to throw into your bag for when you’re out in the field, Chapman has what you need. You’ll wish you had

thought to get a machinist screwdriver set years ago. Trade-school enrollment has been steadily increasing and precision machining has seen steady growth as well. With there being a big push for students learning about precision machining, Chapman tools are perfect tools to get started. Finding a starter hand-tool set can be exactly what your student needs to become an expert in their field. We recommend our Mity Master #1000 as a perfect graduation gift for your student. This set comes with regular SAE and Metric Hex bits as well as Ball Allen SAE & Metric Hex bits.

Being prepared with a versatile tool set that has exactly what they need to work on machines at work in the field can make all the difference. That we use our own tools daily on our machines in our shop says a lot about our confidence in Chapman tools. We stand by our product and wouldn’t want to use anything else. Our own machinists exemplify our tools at work and help keep us informed for what works and what doesn’t.

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