Insert Bits

Chapman insert bits are milled from USA tool steel heat treated with a black oxide rust inhibitor finish.

Available in 52 types and sizes:

  • Phillips
  • Standard SAE Allen Hex
  • Metric Allen Hex (mm)
  • Straight Sided Slotted/Flathead/Blade 
  • Torx/Star
  • Bristol 6-Flute
  • Robertson Square Head
  • Reed & Prince/Frearson
  • 1/4" Drive Socket Adapter

When grinding our bits, they must be kept below 400 degrees to retain their hardness

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 Chapman tools are guaranteed to be as represented and free of defects caused by either defective materials or faulty workmanship. This GUARANTEE does not cover products that are improperly used, abused, or altered. Warranty items must be returned to us for inspection.