Make a Statement with Our Handcrafted Wood Case Sets

Make a Statement with Our Handcrafted Wood Case Sets

Did you know that Chapman Manufacturing offers a unique and stylish line of wood tool sets? These sets are not only functional but they also add a touch of elegance to your tool collection. We presently offer three different styles of wood Chapman tool sets: Mity Master, Mini Master, and Palm Ratchet with Hex. Each set comes with precision-turned wooden screwdriver handles and a wooden case made from genuine hardwood made right here in Durham, CT! They can come in the following wood types: Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. Not only do they come in multiples hardwoods, they are  also coated with a clear penetrating wood oil to keep the integrity and beauty of the wood intact. Another standout feature is that each case comes with hidden hinges and magnetic closures adding to their overall craftsmanship.

The sets can be purchased as is or engraved to add a more personal touch! Engraving options are virtually endless with these wood cases; you just need your imagination! For further information and engraving options, please email Let’s explore our range of hand crafted wood tool sets. 


Our Mity Master wood set (#1000) comes with the same Chapman tools and accessories as our standard Mity Master. At 9” long, by 5”wide, and 2” thick, this is the largest of our wood sets. Currently, we have two versions of this set on our website called V3 and V4. There are three minimal changes between these two versions. The logo on the V4 Mity more closely resembles our company logo while the V3 has our company name in a more script-like font using a laser engraver. The second difference between the two is the inclusion of the PR-13 Palm ratchet in V4. With addition of the PR-13 to the V4 set, it gives you two ways to ratchet! The third difference is that V4 Mity is only available in Walnut and Cherry hardwood while the V3 is available in Maple and Cherry.

Our Mini Master wood set (#1075) contains the 30 most common used bits we make along with our CM-13  ¼” Drive Mini Ratchet and CME-1 Extension. This medium sized option measures 6 ¾” long, by 5” wide, and 2” thick and is only available in Maple hardwood. The Chapman name is also laser engraved on the lid in a script font, just like our V3 Wood Mity Set.

Our Palm Ratchet with Hex wood set (#1050) comes with our first two Phillips (P1 and P2), 11 of our SAE Hex Bits, and our PR-13 Palm Ratchet. This is the smallest of our wood sets measuring 5” long by 3.5” wide and 1.5” thick. The Chapman name is also laser engraved on the lid in a script font, just like our V3 Wood Mity and Mini Master Wood sets.

Overall, these wooden tool sets are a must-have for any tool enthusiast's collection. Not only are they a unique and thoughtful gift that can be passed down for generations, but they can also be personalized with engravings to make them truly one-of-a-kind. Don't miss the opportunity to own one of these exquisite sets that are both practical and stylish.

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