The US Government Must-Have List of Chapman Military Tools

The US Military has been buying Chapman tools since WWII. We are even fortunate to have a copy of a Purchase Order from the Nautilus Submarine in 1953! The set they purchased for the Nautilus is a set we still make today- and continues to be purchased regularly by the military! We’re proud to be supplying the United States with military tools that they can rely on and will stand the test of time. Countless customers have told us they were introduced to Chapman during their time serving in the military and simply had to order their own set to have on-hand at home.

This list is for those who are curious which sets are the most popular among our military/veteran customers.

  1. #5. 1316. This is the infamous military tool set from the Nautilus Submarine! This is a perfect “On-The-Go” set. It’s small, compact, light and doesn’t take up much room in a pack.

    #4. 4320. This set holds mostly SAE Hex bits with a couple Phillips and Slotted bits included. The great thing about this set is the 7 open slots that can make the set a little more customizable. It’s a great place to hold any backup bits (in case an important bit breaks in the field) or to put any unique style bits that you may only have a few sizes of. Side note about this set: this military tool set is also often purchased for aerospace machinery use!

    #3. 6810. Our 6810 set is very close to the 4320, except those 7 open slots are filled with Star (fits Torx) bits and an extra Slotted bit. Some great applications for this set include: industrial equipment, machinery, and appliances.

    #2. 7331. Much like the 1316, this set is often referred to as one of our “Legacy Sets” as it has been around since almost the start of Chapman Manufacturing. This set is tried-and-true. With metric and SAE hex bits both offered in this set, you can’t go wrong. There’s a reason this set is still one of our most popular sets across the board: it can be used as military tools, but is also great at home.

    #1. 5575. The Master Set. It’s easy to see why this set is the most popular set among military and veterans alike. It has a little bit of everything and yet is still compact and light enough to travel. Perfect for everything from gunsmithing to antique machines to home appliances, you can’t go wrong with the Master Set; it has all the tools you need.

    Honorable mention:

    1. While this set didn’t “make the cut,” it certainly has its uses. From military helicopters to communication equipment, this set is similar to our 4320 set but also includes Bristol bits. This set gets an honorable mention because while it is still purchased frequently, the Bristol bits do.

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