Sewing Machine Screwdriver Sets

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Sewing Machine Screwdriver Set: The Chapman #9600 set is the standard of sewing machine repair people and restorers worldwide. Rated by many as the best sewing machine screwdriver bit set on the market, you will find a wide variety of slotted bit sizes you need for your antique or industrial sewing machine.

Our 12 sizes of slotted bits (aka flathead) are straight sided hollow ground bits designed to precisely fit slotted screws. Chapman bits are designed to minimize screw damage and break BEFORE damaging or marring a screw- more information below. Our mini ratchet is perfect for taking off needleplates and feed dogs. This set also has 7 open slots for customization. We recommend taking a look at our Star (fits Torx screws) bits, as many machines now come with Torx screws.

Our hollow ground slotted bits fit screws for the following machines: Brother, Signer, Husqvana, Viking, Janome, Elna, Pfaff, & Bernina.

Chapman Bits Vs. Other Bits

Chapman MFG Screwdriver bits vs. other screwdriver bits

  • Chapman bits are precision milled to tight tolerances with flat edges, sharp corners and no burrs for snug screw fit  
  • All bits are machined from USA steel and heat treated with a black oxide rust inhibitor finish
  • Each bit has ear/or ring stops with ball detent to hold the bit securely in our famous midget ratchet, screwdriver handle or spinner
  • Bits have knurled ends for finger tightening and are stamped with the part #
  • Chapman bits are non-magnetic for use on electronics and PC boards

Slotted Bits Designed to Minimize Screw Damage

1. Each Chapman bit is designed for use within a specific torque range. Small bits are designed for less torque, large bits are designed for more torque. Chapman tools and bits are specifically engineered for hand use.

2. Chapman bits are tough and springy, not brittle.We use fine alloy steel heat treated with a black oxide finish. Each bit reaches its specified hardness that is not too hard to shatter or too soft to twist.

3. Our smaller bits, .05", 1/16" 1.5mm, 2.5mm & slotted CM-88, 89, 90, etc. are designed to prevent damage in applications where the screw is more valuable than the bit. When excess torque is applied, our bits are designed to break before marring an irreplaceable screw. If a screw is seated so tightly that the bit starts to bend, stop immediately, additional force will break the bit, mar the piece or rip off the screw head.

4. Our famous Chapman Midget Ratchet provides approximately 4 times the leverage of a large screw driver. The ratchet provides more torque than small screws are designed for, so use gentle but even pressure to loosen small screws. A small size bit can be twisted if sufficient force is applied. Use the knurled ends of our bits or the spinner top to apply finger pressure.

Customer Videos: Chapman tools & Sewing Machines

Customer Reviews

I bought these to work on my very old sewing machine after nearly stripping a couple of screws with a household screw driver. Now I use them for every bit of tinkering that I do. I'm in love with the quality of my Chapman set, the fact that they are made in USA, the sturdiness of the case, and the fact that there's a bit that fits every single screw on my machine almost perfectly. The customer service and shipping times were also great. I will definitely be a lifetime customer. - C. H.

Worth the price, this set is so valuable for repairing antique sewing machines - screws are often hard to replace and frozen, these heads are precise and the 3 driver choices are essential for tight spaces. Now I can back out tough screws safely without fear of damage. - M. Krueger

This great kit makes working on sewing machines so much easier. Like the versatile choice of handles. Makes it easier to get at those hard to get at areas. - Jane B.

I LOVE it! Bought it to work on sewing machines. No more stripped screws, love the leverage I get. Would highly recommend it to anybody that needs precision and a good fit. I plan to order more bits. I appreciate American made also. Thank you, good job! - Holly N.

Quality set that I'm using to service my vintage sewing machines. Hollow ground bits mean no stripped screws. Love the ratchet handle and the little finger turning wheel... - Chris