Green USA Manufacturing


Chapman tools are made in Durham, CT from USA materials. We support American made machinery tool and die makers, fabricators, metal finishers, machine part manufacturers and other local service providers. Your support of Chapman MFG in turn supports all the American workers that we rely on!
American Made Materials

Chapman insert bits are milled from USA tool steel. The ball bearing and spring in every bit are also made in the USA, and the bits are heat treated and finished with black oxide in Connecticut. Our famous midget ratchet is punched from USA stainless steel and all the internals are also made in USA. All three of our cases are made in the USA, and one of them is made about an hour away from our shop in CT.


We hand inspect and assemble all of our tools and kits here in Durham, CT. In fact, every kit and part shipped out of our shop is inspected twice in its final stage of production. The person’s name who inspected your kit is on the enclosed brochure or bit diagram (chocolate box) chart.

Green Manufacturing

Our sustainable manufacturing practices were recognized by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection with Green Circle Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2013 the two acres of Chapman grounds was certified as a National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat. We have planted 2 large and 2 small gardens full of native plants and plants designed to attract pollinators. 

August 2018- we've collected and protected about 10 monarch butterfly eggs/caterpillars, kept them fed and happy as they've formed chrysalis and have released one full grown Monarch butterfly!